Rota Blasting & Refinishing Ltd.

Our company specializes in environmentally-sensitive multi-media blasting and refinishing of a variety of substrates including wood (e.g., cedar sided and log homes, decks, fences); concrete (e.g., exposed, cinder block, swimming pools); and metal (e.g., bridges, structural beams, equipment, vessels). We also specialize in the paint removal and re-application of old (historic) wood sided buildings, including lead-based paint finishes through a process that completely removes the paint from the wood while capturing the lead particulates. 

Log / Timber Frame Refinishing

From small rural log cabins to large timber frame homes, we deliver the same refinishing skills and expertise taking care to restore the wood to bring out its natural patina.  Conventional refinishing methods such as sanding and chemical stripping can be time consuming and environmentally unfriendly,  and simply not cost effective. Our surface preparation techniques minimizes damage to wood, and properly opens the grain of the wood to receive various finishes meeting or exceeding manufactures requirements.


Deck Refinishing

Our specialty blends of blasting material are tailored to each job, wood species, and finish type .  We prepare the wood substrate to receive stains or film-forming finishes.  


Historical Restoration

We have had the privilege of restoring various historical houses around the Edmonton area, both big and small.  Each project presents unique challenges, that require years of restoration experience to ensure that the underlying structure is not damaged, yet made ready for applying modern finishes.  Many of the projects we have completed required the removal of lead based paints, which our techniques are particularly well suited for.  

reno house before.jpg

Exposed Concrete

exposed concrete samples.jpg

Graffiti & Paint Removal